Sunday, May 13, 2012

why the blogging break?!?

i have been emptying shelves and filling boxes, tubs, bags & action packers.  it's hard work moving a family of five - and that's with purging lots (hence the tubs, boxes & bags that the local thrift stores get)!!!  it's strange to me every time i walk into a room and see emptiness.  kind of sad.  sad b/c it's empty and sad b/c it reminds me we leave soon.  also exciting!  this is really happening people!!!  without knowing that we would (could most likely) be moving by the end of may, we planned a big party for the week before the end...well friends, hope you like empty and non-decorated houses!!!  now to find a place for all these tubs so people can walk around!

so to update you quickly:

this is what the kiddos look like now

soph turns 1 in less than 2 weeks.  CRAZY!  she is just about walking and has 4 teeth.  she started waving [finally] and loves to point out her nose!  we're gearing up owen for school.  thinking [more like plotting] about registration and coming up with a plan.  aiden is his same mischievious-self.  i love them all to pieces!!!

i have also enjoyed baking to test out new cupcake recipes for our big party (mentioned earlier).  it's a combo "tea for two", celebrating soph turning 1 and myself turning 30!  wowser!  here are a few of the the cupcakes i've tried:

attempting to pipe roses

mini strawberry cupcake (topped with rose)

blueberry with goat cheese frosting

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