Tuesday, May 22, 2012

pity parties and answered prayers

i know that i lured you in with that title making you think i had this great story of one of the kids having a major pity party.  truth is, it was me!  i have had a bad attitude in recent months because i god was not answering my prayers my way! 
you see, i wanted our house sold.  i prayed often and hard!  i cried often and hard...
we sought the help of 3 different realtors all giving us the same answer -not in this market. 
why?  why would gods perfect plan for me be for us to keep this house while living in africa?!?  how could that be good?  that was the only thing i could think.  i was angry and i "lashed" out.  my poor kids and hubs took the brunt of my pity party.  sorry guys!
i kept at it, spreading the news and all the while getting more angry, frustrated and bitter.  if you know me, you probably were asked half jokingly if you were interested in buying it.
finally, i broke down.  i had enough of my anger and tears and decided to once again bring it to god.  i remember it clearly because i had prayed about it with my thursday night prayer ladies.  the next morning i also found myself confessing to a dear friend on the phone of how ugly i had been. 
a prayer of repentance: "if this is what you want...if this is your plan...i will do it WHATEVER IT LOOKS LIKE"!  a prayer i prayed that morning and one i have so often had to pray. 
after repenting i started submitting, hence, the housing available post.
that afternoon, a young man called to come see the house.  it is a man we know through connections and a man who is heavily involved in a church just 2 blocks away.  slightly heartbroken, still assuming the plan was renting, we had him come see it.
in a whirlwind of less than a month, he is assuming our loan- an option we didn't even know about!  we were willing to figure out a way to borrow about $5000 to sell the house.  god said, "i know the plans i have for you...".  we were saddened & ready to rent the house.  god said, "i know the plans i have for you...". 
god had a plan and needed me to [once again] just submit!  with an assumption, we will owe nothing, but instead walk away from the house!  what an awesome answer to the prayers i was asking!!!  i find it hard to believe i ever lack trust in HIM as he is always taking such good care of me.

in other news, we have also found a great new home for lucy.  god is lining things up, god is clearing the way & we have never felt more sure of what we're supposed to be doing next!!!

if you're reading this and would like to know how you can help us get to rwanda this fall, please click here.  we currently have 65% of our needed monthly support.

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