Tuesday, May 15, 2012

homemade butter

 make sure you have a good container with a tight lid:

add whipping cream:

 (however much you'd like to do at once)

start shaking:

after a few minutes, it will be a little thicker. 
almost like a whipped cream:

after a few more minutes it gets even thicker:

and after just a few more minutes you'll start to hear a sloshing.
it will feel almost like a ball is in your container bouncing about.
that means it's finished:

here's where a cheese cloth would come in handy.  
we didn't have one so i used a new panty hose.
it actually worked really well:

 drain the extra liquid. 

 we save ours for other things:

i tie our hose to the faucet to let drip a little longer:

and viola!
look at the beautiful consistancy:

i'm amazed at how easy this is to do!
the kids loved helping shake too,
especially when we did it to some music!!!
happy "churning"!

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