Thursday, April 19, 2012

thankful thursdays 4/19/12 -bowl fail?

we had our first fundraiser this past week -bowling! to say the least, it was a clashing of heads of sorts for joe and i, as we really saw our different personalities come out. i wanted it completely organized & joe wanted to "roll with the punches". i have 2 things to say about that: 1) if you know us at all you are not surprised at that and 2) if you heard anything about the night, you know that he rolled! (more on that later)

anyways, i finally did do a bit of organizing, but taking over the night before proved to challenge me.

[without a complete list of names of people attending] i did my best to assign lanes, i e-mailed volunteers and ensured we'd be ready for the bake sale, i marked who had paid and who had not, i packed baggies, price stickers & brochures, gathered necklaces & baskets to sell, made little bins for the raffles & printed tickets, etc.

we arrived a little early to set up and the fun began. still, joe and i had different opinions of how things should happen. i believe we agreed to disagree and the busy-ness of what the night was took over. however we settled, it seemed to work!

with soph attached to my back, i busily went lane to lane explaining a few things about the evening. i also introduced myself to the people i had not yet met. i felt outside of myself! i'm the person who walks into things and hides in a corner. i can help [and like to], but i like to be "behind the scenes" if you know what i mean. i started getting very warm -could my nerves really be working on me that hard?!? i felt relief when i started hearing others mention the heat. phew!

the night seemed to go on without any major "gutter balls". what i expected was about 5 different baked goodies, but we had about double that - giant [and beautiful!!!] carrot cakes, snicker doodles, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, biscotti, port wine & cranberry brownies, lemon with white chocolate chip cookies, lemon bars, mini carrot cakes, cheese cake. we had 3 great baskets for raffle: 1)the massage -$110 gift certificate to massage, bottle of wine, box of fancy chocolates 2) the city shopper -$50 gift certificate to reading terminal, 2 re-usable shopping bags, pack of tokens 3) game/movie night -scrabble, crazy 8's, go fish, old maid, popcorn tub, 3 bags popcorn, 4 boxed movie theatre candies, 2 pepsi's, $10 movie stop gift card. we also had an amazing photo for raffle. i wanted it!!! people bowled...people bought goodies & tickets for the raffles...even when pizza came out and it seemed chaotic (did everyone get a slice?!?), things seemed good! we got home and were very encouraged to find out we raised $580.00 towards our outgoing expenses. all in all, we thought it was a good night.

exhausted, i sat with a warm cup of decaf and a leftover biscotti from the sale. (side note: they were from my friend anna and they were de-lish! you should totally check out her culinary blog! she is an amazing writer! her description is so vivid, you feel as if you're tasting what she is "experimenting" with)

ahhh, we survived! or had we?!?

the next day was joe's b-day so he decided to take off. we ran about all day doing all sorts of fun things, but it was a jam packed day. it was also a whoppin' 91 degrees out. it's april ppl! on the way home from said day, joe starts to get violently sick. (get it?  he's "rolling".  ok, bad joke!) had he not drank enough that day? was he car sick? did he catch a bug? these were the thoughts we had. the next day he was supposed to have staff meeting but he called out. so did 3 other people who were at bowling. wow, that's kinda fishy! by the end of the day we had heard of 12 ppl. by the end of the third day the number rose to a shocking 23 people we had heard about being sick....

it appears as though about half our group got food poisoning! :(

it is hard for me to not feel responsible. i want to take care of and fix everyone affected. i want to send out personal "i'm sorry!" cards to each person.

 i'm thankful for the love that people still show us! i'm thankful that god can take things that are yuck (half the people getting violently sick) and make them good (almost $600 raised that we're going to use towards getting our kids some vaccinations for preventing REALLY BAD health stuff)!!!  i'm thankful everyone is healthy now!!!

thanks friends & family for "taking one for the team"! here is a shirt joe designed for you all!!

also, we have decided to cancel our next fundraiser, which involved selling pizzas. you're welcome! :)

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