Friday, April 20, 2012

ringing rocks

 ringing rocks park in bucks county is amazing!  
there are many tales as to how all the boulders got there.
check out this blog for some history on it. 
here is our photo journey of our visit:

walking the trails to get to the field of boulders

the boys enjoyed using their magnifying glasses to scope things out:
lots of nature

above: they are showing me how strong they are to climb the boulders...
below: owen got right to it.
aiden, however, stood with an outstretched hand chanting, "i need help!"
funny that o is our cautious one and a our adventurous one
and yet this is their reactions!

boulder field
a kind man lent aiden his hammer to ring the rocks!

soph and i trying to cool off after our boulder hike.  she was full of smiles!

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