Friday, April 6, 2012

pirate-y grub

this week o turned 5!
he decided to have a pirate party,
so naturally i got right to google where i found an abundance of ideas!
here are our shots of the grub.
(more pARRGH-ty posts to follow)


PB&J scull sandwiches:

fruit & veggies ('chum') in a pirate ship:

*guess i forgot to take a pic of the veggies...
nothing special -varied w/ ranch & hummus (o's fav's)*


some snacks ('pirate booty', 'ships n chips', 'catch of the day'):


some desserts ('mermaid kisses', 'cannon balls', 'shark bait'):


2 parties = 2 cakes!!!
party #1 tower of craziness:

party #2 pirate theme:

(much easier than the one he originally wanted (see below), though i didn't make it.)

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