Saturday, April 21, 2012

philadelphia museum of art

 upon explaining the museum to owen he declared, 
"so it's going to be a boring mom & dad place?!?"  
it was with little expectation that we set off on our adventure,
but within minutes of our arrival
he was thrilled! 

west side entrance

"look mom, i got a map!"

even the elevator doors are cool!
 this may just be my favorite picture of the day:
every ship was a "pirate ship"  :)

he begged for this picture.  he thought the kid catching the rooster was hilarious!

throwing pennies into the mermaid fountain

apparently these beautiful little jars hold tobacco

the japanese teahouse -they wanted in so bad!
 and what little boy doesn't enjoy the armor section?!?


"LOOK!" he exclaimed about every 2 seconds!

 i love how it froze him!

"just my size!"

o led us in a game of "which is your favorite?"

soph looks so long here!

"aww, baby!"

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