Saturday, April 21, 2012

our first slumber party

owen had his first sleepover on his birthday -
his best buddy corban!! 

it involved staying up late to watch a movie with his favorite chris:

enjoying his favorite snack, popcorn, in his NEW pirate bucket:
(this was the "gift bag" for his matching pj's above.
might i also say, a huge hit for a pirate party!
good find mish!!!)

& his new movie (which is absolutely adorable!!!):

here's the whole gang watching away on the big screen:

they played, they laughed, they had fun
& i survived!  :)
actually, it was short and sweet!
in the morning, we went to a diner for breakfast 
and they devoured pancakes & chocolate milk.

a couple funny things that stood out:
 *how much energy corban had up to the last minute -
i was very concerned he wouldn't sleep,
but he was out like a light within minutes
leaving o to sing himself to sleep!
*the morning routine -
we have trained our kids to stay in the room until we say.
the boys woke obnoxiously early
& started playing and having loads of fun
(at least the laughter made it seem that way)!
 through much laughter,
about every 5 min,
corban stuck his head out the door to ask,
"kiki, can we come out now?"
it made me chuckle that he could have so much fun,
yet still want to change it.

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