Friday, April 20, 2012

kids castle

this is kids castle:
it is in doylestown, pa in the middle of a township park.
it is huge, beautiful & fun!
there is the climbing part (with a big twisty slide):
a maze underneath:
a pirate ship, a sand pit, swings, picnic areas, a 'tree area', etc.

here o is climbing inside the 'tree area'.
it showed pictures of all the different leaves and labeled them:
here aiden is escaping the sand pit area:
the 'fire pole'
aiden looking for buried treasure from the pirate ship:
o peeking over the 'tree area':
aiden peeking over the tot climbing area:
we had a great time running around
and enjoyed a packed lunch in the picnic area.
on the way out the kids refreshed with some water from the fountain.
joe splashed them with it to cool them off on this hot day...

o caught on quickly & tricked daddy into "another drink" to splash back!
it may be a bit of a hike,
but it's worth the drive!!
the kids had a blast and have already asked to return!

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