Monday, April 23, 2012

granola bars (take 2)

the 2 pans of delish looking & smelling future bars
in feb of last year we made granola bars (read about it here, if you'd like).  it's hard to believe it's been a year, considering we liked them - i guess i'm a sucker for EASY!
anyhow, we made them again today using this same recipe from allrecipes.
i remember the bars not sticking together well before, so i knew i needed to change it a bit to make it work. 
i added a bit more liquid (honey and a bit of water), and made the butter just about melted instead of just soft.  it's prob my fault the last ones were more granola than granola bars, b/c i'm not an avid measurer and i can't seem to stick to the "2 cups of _____" part.
close up to show the beautiful detail
we added [way more than 2 cups of] sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, craisens, almond slivers, and mini chocolate chips.  we pressed it down into 2 pans. 
i could smell they were almost done so i took a peek -beautiful! 
it felt a little pricey to buy the ingredient collection we chose, but when you consider we got 2 pans of bars it feels much better!  i cut ours into 24 bars, but feel they are too big and have been halving them for the boys.  next time i will cut into 32 bars minimum.  i like to cut them up and individually wrap them to keep them fresh.
our individual bars

i'm just now trying to figure out cost, because i bought the seeds and almonds about a month ago and honestly have no idea what i spent.
not counting the "on hand" ingredients - things i always have like flour, honey, brown sugar, baking soda & vanilla - b/c to decide what part i used would just give a headache...this last picture is what i would have spent on the extras.  i used only half of each ingredient, bringing the total to $6.62.  if i were to make 32 bars (about 5 boxes of 6 bars each), it would cost $1.32 per box.  wow!  i'm shocked by that!!
happy baking!
the shopping cart

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