Sunday, April 15, 2012

easter 2012

this was POSSIBLY our last easter celebrated state-side,
so i decided to write a little about our typical easter.
we spend the week talking MUCH about what easter is
-the real stuff! you know,
jesus dying on the cross and
defeating death by raising from the dead 3 days later...
we even have an animated passion movie for the kiddos to watch,
and use the jesus storybook bible.

we start resurrection sunday by going to church
(this is our norm anyway.
we especially love responding
"he's risen indeed!")

we then went to "dinner" with my family.
i say dinner in quotes b/c with my family it's always early
-more of a lunch.
this year was 2 of my 3 sisters & their families
& my parents.
(my 3rd sister had to take a turn with the in-laws,
and my grams was still in rehab recovering from her stroke)
dad ALWAYS cooks a ham.
this is a constant! don't ever remember anything different.
it seems the sides and desserts change.
this year we had potato au gratin balls, green bean casserole,
baked mac & chz, potato salad,
lemon squares, chocolate chocolate cookies, etc.
it was quite a spread!
normally jello salad & potato salad are constants as well.
i LOVE family gatherings!!!
i LOVE my family!!!!!

we also do a hunt for the kiddos.
LOADS of eggs speckled the yard.

here's my crew:
o chose a "spikey" 'do and wore a green shirt.
a chose a "ho-hawk" and wore yellow.
soph went with bald & beautiful. she wore a pretty flower dress.

the hunting grounds:
the hunters:

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