Saturday, April 21, 2012

cool features of the new camera

***just found several "drafts" that i had never posted.  this is from months ago!  better late than never!*** 


above: panoramic
below: sequence pictures that when flipped through fast appear like a movie:

a zoom & cut option that allows me to zoom into a taken photo to create a new shot 
(this is amazing when taking nature shots 
& when you're quickly snapping to catch kids...
you can zoom in to such detail!!!)

another favorite is the "close up".
this allows you to focus in on something really close.
i love how clear it is on the focused object,
and yet, you still get a big picture idea of what you're taking shots of!

a self timer:

it takes hd videos, has 14x zoom,  museum mode, sports mode, pet mode...
i could go on and on and on!
i LOVE my new camera!!!!!!!!!!!

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