Tuesday, April 17, 2012

cloth diapers

so we have ventured back into the world of cloth diapering. knowing i needed SOME solution to diapers for africa, i started pondering them again. after all, what's the likelihood that my 17 mo old will be potty trained?!? recently i stumbled upon a post on my friends blog with her thoughts and techniques. she did a REALLY good job at "teaching" and some of the issues i had with cloth diapers the first time around were resolved with different methods. (click here to read it!) funny that it never dawned on me to talk to other moms about cloth diapering. people have tried it and learned from better methods -we don't all have to be the "guinea pig"!
anyway, i started looking around. i knew i wanted a one time buy, so a "one size" diaper. i also knew they had to be easy to iron (this is from the horror story i heard in africa that made me stop cloth diapering the first time). it also had to be affordable!!! in the blog post, my friend mentioned a trial pack where you get to try several different kinds for 21 days and can return any/all you don't like, even stained, paying only the shipping cost. seems like a great way to experiment with diapers. the same problem existed that usually does - COST!!! the up front cost to try them.
after researching [again], i found a very affordable system here. it is a completely different type of diaper than i had used before. there is a re-usable cover & then the inserts you change. see the picture above. the package i found essentially gave 3 diapers for $11.95. i was hesitant to believe they'd be good so i ordered only 2 trials. i fell immediately in love! they are so easy and not HUGE. i already ordered more to complete what we needed. below you can see the different color options. so cute! we have each color now!
we have wet bags we throw the dirty diapers into (opposed to the bucket system we did before) and about every other day i empty the bag into the wash, wet bag and all! i set it for an extra rinse, and viola!
well, that's all i'm going to post about it. if you have questions or want to talk cloth diapers, just contact me!!! :)

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