Friday, March 9, 2012

how does this happen?

i feel that not too long ago, i took a dreaded
[only b/c we had taken so many tests for so long that kept saying no]
test to find out WE WERE GOING TO HAVE BABY #1!

what excitement!!
i mean, i took the test at 2am (you know, that first pee),
then had to WAIT HOURS for joe to get home from work to tell him.
didn't sleep a wink.

here i am, about 5 years later.
in the same week baby #1 lost his first tooth:

we went to the dollar store and he picked a prize.
he chose a knight, which [obviously] he loves.
he even had to look at it one last time before he went to bed last night.

baby #2 is basically potty trained:

here he is with his "big prize" for doing #2!!!

and baby #3...
well, lets just say that if she started walking today i wouldn't be surprised!!!

p.s. i painted her nails for the first time this season & this is what she does -> just stares at them! can we say princess?!?!?!?
that's right, 3 babies!
i am blessed (and overwhelmed many times, but right now we're focusing on the blessings).

feeling a bit nostalgic.

i remember growing up.
did it no
t take 100 years for that next birthday to come?
than how on earth are their little lives going so fast?!?

well, here's to another day flying by...
today i will try to be a mom (and not just a mother)...
today i will try not to blink & miss anything about them...
today i will pray that when i wake in the morning,
they won't be graduating college or getting married, etc.

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