Tuesday, March 6, 2012

homemade fruit roll ups

one thing that i have heard mention of kids in rwanda missing is fruit roll ups -
we even sent some in a care package!!!
well, i found this recipe here and realized it looked so easy i HAD to try it.
i didn't have any boxes of store bought ones,
so i am not sure how many un-necessary ingredients we are avoiding,
but i was excited about the simplicity of this.
btw, it was easy!!!
(prob took less time to make than it will to blog about making - hehe)

3 cups fruit.
given the time of year here, i used frozen [thawed] to make it as close to fresh as possible.
optional: 3-4 T sweetner (sugar, honey, splenda, etc.)
we used honey,
& if a light fruit add 2 T lemon juice to keep it from browning.
you can also just add this to boost flavors.

put all ingredients in bowl
(or processor if you have one):

line pan with plastic wrap.
the oven will be low enough that it will not melt -
believe me, i was hesitant too!

puree fruit mixture:

spread into liner.
we had enough to make 2 pans worth
(prob could have done 3).

bake at lowest temp possible (about 170 F).
here's where things got fishy for me...
our lowest temp is 325 F, so i guessed.
after 3 hrs i had to put dinner in
so i removed roll ups and found one to be done.
the recipe i took this from said to bake 6-8 hrs.
it prob could have been a little more cooked, but it was great!
here is the beautiful cooked color:

lastly, i layed it sticky side down onto some parchment paper,
cut it into strips the size we preferred,
and tied with a little string to keep from unraveling.

they are too cute & the boys LOVED THEM!!!

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  1. LOVE this idea!!!!! Long story but short of it is, we are taking the food coloring out of Braelyn's diet slowly but surely and I hope this will be a good healthy snack for her . thanks so much Kristy!!!