Sunday, March 25, 2012

baby look-a-likes

this is a shot of each of my babies at about the same age.
they have very similar
most people tell me how much soph looks like aiden...

[owen, 4 mos]

[aiden, 5 mos]

[soph, 5 mos]

i hate to say it people,
but i think you're WRONG!

i'd like to thank my dad for these:

normally i'm ok with my white hairs. apparently the other week, i had a frazzled moment...

here is the lump of them i pulled. sad part is,

one of my favorite cards i EVER found. this is big -i'm not a card buyer!!

THE BEST choco chip cookies

i have finally found THE BEST choco chip cookie recipe! i feel like i've been searching for one forever! they're always cake like or flat or hard, etc. we tried this new one out and it kept the cookies together and chewy and perfect!

they are called $400 choco chip cookies and they have a secret ingredient. apparently, someone offered the person that much monies for the recipe to make these in their shop or something. i, however, found the recipe online
for free. :)

recipe can be found here.....

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

notice anything NEW?

we took soph to get her ears pierced! it was a tradition when i grew up that we all went before kindergarden and got them done with my aunt. knowing 1) we wouldn't be here at that age for her and 2) we would most likely not be here with tia again for a long time, i wanted to take advantage of a surprise trip and get them done. she is so adorable to begin with, but she totally melts my heart now! the little flowers are perfect for her personality. anyways, just wanted to share with the blogging world!

the BEST mail i've received in a long time...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

so big!

my little sophia is almost 10 mos old.
she is officially OFF baby foods
& especially loves finger foods!
she pulls herself up and takes steps holding on,
and recently has been staying up late til her bros go to bed...
i'll do anything to get her to sleep through the night!!!
she is full of spunk,
laughter & smiles.