Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a sewing jigger

in mexico while walking through the abastos market,
we stumbled upon a man with his [very old] sewing machine.
he was selling this jigger:

with it, he quickly was able to make this beautiful flower:

i'm not kidding when i say he was a pro!
he made it look so easy, taking just seconds to make it.

with a few seconds of explination
(easy, right?!?)
and a few smooth movements with his hands
(and foot, to power the machine)
he had made his sale!
after all, who could refuse 20 pesos?

actually i did -
my tia was loving enough to give me hers.

now remember, this was my first time,
and it definately wasn't as smooth sailing as he made it appear,
but it was generally easy and quick.
this is the result of my first flower:

hoping she's able to replace it or
willing to take hers back.
she's much more of a talent than i could even dream of being
and will get better use & results with it!
then she can send me something to africa that she has made with it.
wink, wink!

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