Tuesday, February 21, 2012

i'm back!

so i spent 2 wks with the kiddos at my moms while joe was at school, then had about a week to get home and together for my 2 wk trip to oaxaca, mexico! needless to say, it's been a while since i've been able to post. i feel slightly overwhelmed b/c of the amount of things there are to post about, but i will try to do some!
to catch you up on life a bit:
soph is 9 mos old. she has been crawling since 6 mos but is super fast now. she is able to move to crawl position and from crawl to sit position without falling. she also has started pulling up on things. she often just sits and laughs at her bros as they play. oh, and this was new for me -she REFUSES baby food! she will fuss and whine and turn her head in rejection until you offer a bite of "real food", which she gladly accepts! somehow, she also knows the difference. i think she is very alert to things and actually watches to see where you get a bite from (your plate or hers).
aiden is hysterical. last night after dinner, i watched him [for atleast 5 min] fake laugh. this in turn made him burst out loud with real laughter. he didn't know i was watching! he has demanded me that he potty train. he tells me he's a big boy and needs underwear to go on the potty. for the most part, he's good at it! i'm not sure when it will officially click, but i'll take it!
o is his same old self! quick to want to please. quick to tell people the rules. smart as anything! last week he asked when he would be able to get back to HIS church. it's been a while with all the travels and sickness. with it came some comment about seeing his friends. curious, i asked, "is that why you want to go to church? to see your friends?" i totally expected him to say yes! -he is 4. looking at me as if i were the silly one, he replied, "no mommy! i go to church so i can learn more about jesus!" melt my heart! hilariously, while i was gone, he informed joe that they needed me back b/c joe wasn't too good at things. "this house is messy and you're not that good at the laundry!" were some of his remarks.
joe and i are just plain busy. joe is currently in 4 classes (2 finishing soon and 2 just beginning). i am attempting many projects on our house! we are close to being ready to put it on the market. know anyone looking to buy in the inner city?!? i also have 2 BIG projects that i'm working on, hopefully finishing before we leave later this year. we are trying to meet up with many folks to share about rwanda and the ministry god has called us to there.

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