Monday, February 27, 2012


so when we found out we were expecting
(the FIRST time...not announcing anything new here),
we decided (okay, me!) to do a 4 wall mural.

many people put in countless hours to make an awesome room for my kid,
and eventually, my kids!

i have always been a fan of the story of noah.
this is what we went with!
here is one wall with the ark:

this is the 2nd wall with the flood.
it includes day & night skies to represent the time (40 days & nights)
and the rainbow to remind of the promise
(never again will it flood like that).
-of course joe wanted me to paint a city under there...
he settled for a sand castle:

the window wall was a bit tricky, but we ended with cute giraffes
(in a heart shape),
a couple of alligators under one window
and lastly a little pig under the 2nd.
the pig was my d-dad's fav animal and we saved it for my aunt to paint
-she lives in mexico.
both these people are/were significant in my life
and i didn't want it done any other way!

it even included a growth chart!

well, it recently dawned on owen that his room would not be coming with us when we moved to africa. i mean, he was in tears! i started thinking about what would make this transition easier for him and found these awesome signs:
they are flat and lightweight so they fit the action packer superbly
-and don't take months to paint onto walls
(especially where walls might not be ours to paint!!).
needless to say, we shopped around and found them totally affordable via amazon.
given the information that he gets these and a big boy bed, he is COMPLETELY over the "baby" room and ready for his "big boy" room!
i even got the "coolest mom ever" tag!

thanks to all those who helped make this nursery so special!
we will never forget it and we have enjoyed it THOROUGHLY!!!

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  1. So nice that you were able to enjoy it through all three of your "baby stages." :-) And glad you have the super-hero posters for Owen's new room!