Sunday, January 8, 2012

remembering times apart :(

when joe and i were dating, i happened to go away a few times. the first time was for about 3 weeks.

we were newly dating and i wanted to be a good girlfriend, so i made him an envelope for each day. that's a lot of work. i was proud of myself!

when i returned home, it wasn't long after that joe's family let me in on his little secret -HE OPENED THEM ALL THE FIRST DAY! like a child eating candy, the excitement was too much for him, and in prob less than an hour, he threw all my work out the window and enjoyed every little note/gift in one sitting.

i learned a valuable lesson here, and the next time i went away i 1) only made 1 gift/week -it was a 6 wk trip and that was too many days to try and 2) i made him come pick it up from someone i trusted to only give him one week at a time. silly boy.

well, joe is about to leave us for 2 whole weeks to do some intensives for school, and i [quickly] pondered the thought of making him little notes for each day...than i remembered his history with this (oh, and the fact that i don't have time to make all those little notes with 3 littles).

i made him 1 card he can look at every day! i thought he would enjoy looking at our smiling faces. i am actually quite surprised at how it turned out as i was i the midst of helping 2 little men make cards as well. thought i'd share just a little bit of the fun...

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