Thursday, January 12, 2012

have you ever felt like the life you are living is straight out of a horror film?

there are moments i think this...deja'vu, several days with no sleep, repeating the same thing over and over, etc.

this morning especially sent shivers down my spine:
it was about 5 am and i heard this squeaking outside of the door of the room i was sleeping in. it wasn't a cute squeak, like a mouse, but more of an eerie one. it was actually the sound of aidens hands dragging on the hall mirror.

with it came a monotone chanting, "poopie! poopie! poopie!" picture the little boy in the shining - "REDRUM! REDRUM!". yeah, now you know what i'm thinking!

i was waiting for a little head to pop through the wall with bulging eyes saying, "here's aiden!"

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