Monday, January 2, 2012


with a new year usually comes new things.
we've decided to give our kids new names...

o will now be referred to as slowpoke,
and his mascot will be slowpoke rodriguez (the cousin to speedy gonzales):

aiden will now be called hungry,
as he walks around ALL DAY complaining "i hun-gee!".
i actually started replying with,
"hi hungry, i'm mama. nice to meet you!"
which backfired as now he yells at us, "i not a-en [aiden], i hun-gee!"
his mascot is, quite appropiately, this little caveman:

now soph, she was a little harder to find a mascot for!
we started by calling her pretty girl.
i just didn't even want to search google for an image of that.
then we decided she needed to be called miss refuses to sleep,
as she seemingly cries through the night:

now i'm leaning towards de vil,
as she is the most chipper and adorable little girl during the day
then turns into a blood thirsty [ok, prob milk thirsty, but...]monster at night
-draining the life out of us slowly:

there you have it.
btw, please pray that we get some sleep soon,
or joe and i might be getting nicknames too....

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