Wednesday, January 4, 2012

meet einstein

before bed tonight, joe was reading a story about talking animals to the boys. at the end, he mentioned there really are talking parrots. owen found this hilarious.

joe showed them a video as evidence and o insisted it was fake...he even insisted, "the microphone is a brownie"!

so joe persisted, calling several people until someone answered. aunt adrian was the lucky winner. she also tried to explain to o that birds can talk. when even she couldn't convince him, she reminded him of big bird.

now he was sure he was being fooled!

you know your son is growing up when using [talking] big bird proves the case that birds can't really talk b/c "big bird isn't real!".

{insert the "my son is growing up WAY too fast" sad face}

meet einstein:

the video is a little long, but even i was impressed with what this bird can do!!!

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