Tuesday, January 3, 2012

jesus, our superhero!

this morning we watched a little clip on youtube
for a song called "one way, jesus!"
it goes along with our verse "verily verily i say to you that he who believes in me will have everlasting life" john 6:47.
after you watch a video on youtube,
suggestions come up for more videos to watch.
you can only imagine the battle to keep the boys attention from that point on when they saw this shot as a suggested video:

needless to say, we quickly wrapped up school and watched.
now, all morning long, we've been singing a catchy little tune

"jesus, you're my SUPERHERO!"

some of our favorite shots from the video were
"better than spiderman"
than batman"
& of course, we had to pick "better than barbie"
for soph!

thanks hillsong for bursting into the hearts
of my little men with your superhero son

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