Tuesday, May 22, 2012

pity parties and answered prayers

i know that i lured you in with that title making you think i had this great story of one of the kids having a major pity party.  truth is, it was me!  i have had a bad attitude in recent months because i god was not answering my prayers my way! 
you see, i wanted our house sold.  i prayed often and hard!  i cried often and hard...
we sought the help of 3 different realtors all giving us the same answer -not in this market. 
why?  why would gods perfect plan for me be for us to keep this house while living in africa?!?  how could that be good?  that was the only thing i could think.  i was angry and i "lashed" out.  my poor kids and hubs took the brunt of my pity party.  sorry guys!
i kept at it, spreading the news and all the while getting more angry, frustrated and bitter.  if you know me, you probably were asked half jokingly if you were interested in buying it.
finally, i broke down.  i had enough of my anger and tears and decided to once again bring it to god.  i remember it clearly because i had prayed about it with my thursday night prayer ladies.  the next morning i also found myself confessing to a dear friend on the phone of how ugly i had been. 
a prayer of repentance: "if this is what you want...if this is your plan...i will do it WHATEVER IT LOOKS LIKE"!  a prayer i prayed that morning and one i have so often had to pray. 
after repenting i started submitting, hence, the housing available post.
that afternoon, a young man called to come see the house.  it is a man we know through connections and a man who is heavily involved in a church just 2 blocks away.  slightly heartbroken, still assuming the plan was renting, we had him come see it.
in a whirlwind of less than a month, he is assuming our loan- an option we didn't even know about!  we were willing to figure out a way to borrow about $5000 to sell the house.  god said, "i know the plans i have for you...".  we were saddened & ready to rent the house.  god said, "i know the plans i have for you...". 
god had a plan and needed me to [once again] just submit!  with an assumption, we will owe nothing, but instead walk away from the house!  what an awesome answer to the prayers i was asking!!!  i find it hard to believe i ever lack trust in HIM as he is always taking such good care of me.

in other news, we have also found a great new home for lucy.  god is lining things up, god is clearing the way & we have never felt more sure of what we're supposed to be doing next!!!

if you're reading this and would like to know how you can help us get to rwanda this fall, please click here.  we currently have 65% of our needed monthly support.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


looking at stats on the blog always baffle me!
here is a shot of all the countries viewing my blog this past month:

and the posts most often viewed:

190 of you wanted to see my house.
that's about 3x more than any other post i've written.
we've always had an open door policy -
we LOVE to have people over!!!
i'm just sayin' is all, 
but you only have a couple more weeks to see it
(and it's almost completely empty so it's just not the same),
BUT you are still MORE THAN welcome!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

homemade butter

 make sure you have a good container with a tight lid:

add whipping cream:

 (however much you'd like to do at once)

start shaking:

after a few minutes, it will be a little thicker. 
almost like a whipped cream:

after a few more minutes it gets even thicker:

and after just a few more minutes you'll start to hear a sloshing.
it will feel almost like a ball is in your container bouncing about.
that means it's finished:

here's where a cheese cloth would come in handy.  
we didn't have one so i used a new panty hose.
it actually worked really well:

 drain the extra liquid. 

 we save ours for other things:

i tie our hose to the faucet to let drip a little longer:

and viola!
look at the beautiful consistancy:

i'm amazed at how easy this is to do!
the kids loved helping shake too,
especially when we did it to some music!!!
happy "churning"!

sugar cubes

 we're getting ready for a tea party so i've been collecting items for it.
i can't seem to find sugar cubes anywhere...
insert google!
google is my answer to so many things.
i never thought to make my own,
i was really searching for somewhere, ANYWHERE to buy them.
who would have thought?!
so SIMPLE!!!

take 1/2 cup sugar

add optional food coloring (we did pink and purple)

add 1 teaspoon water and mix to a "damp sand" consistancy.  
it took some time to mix coloring in well!

press into molds.  we found flowers!

flip out onto wax or parchment paper and allow to harden.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

why the blogging break?!?

i have been emptying shelves and filling boxes, tubs, bags & action packers.  it's hard work moving a family of five - and that's with purging lots (hence the tubs, boxes & bags that the local thrift stores get)!!!  it's strange to me every time i walk into a room and see emptiness.  kind of sad.  sad b/c it's empty and sad b/c it reminds me we leave soon.  also exciting!  this is really happening people!!!  without knowing that we would (could most likely) be moving by the end of may, we planned a big party for the week before the end...well friends, hope you like empty and non-decorated houses!!!  now to find a place for all these tubs so people can walk around!

so to update you quickly:

this is what the kiddos look like now

soph turns 1 in less than 2 weeks.  CRAZY!  she is just about walking and has 4 teeth.  she started waving [finally] and loves to point out her nose!  we're gearing up owen for school.  thinking [more like plotting] about registration and coming up with a plan.  aiden is his same mischievious-self.  i love them all to pieces!!!

i have also enjoyed baking to test out new cupcake recipes for our big party (mentioned earlier).  it's a combo "tea for two", celebrating soph turning 1 and myself turning 30!  wowser!  here are a few of the the cupcakes i've tried:

attempting to pipe roses

mini strawberry cupcake (topped with rose)

blueberry with goat cheese frosting

Friday, April 27, 2012

photos for auction

a surprise we had during our bowling fundraiser, was that we received 3 photos for donation.  we knew we were getting one and included that in our raffle auctions for the evening, however, the other 2 were a delightful surprise!
that means we still have 2 for auction!!!  they are by local photographer, amanda capasso.  some of her work can be seen here.

both photos are 8x10 and are set with a white mat and black frame.  cost is $40 ea.

if you can excuse my awful photos to get a general idea, look below (please note the white glare is from my flash, not in the photo):

coney island

new orleans

housing available -$600/mo

our house is available for rent/buy.
$600/mo + utilities
(contact us if interested in buying)
it's a 2br 1 bath house 
with 12x12 rooms (large for the city)!!!
it is located just 2 blocks from somerset and huntingdon stations.
easy parking!
located on 200 block of e tusculum st., phila, pa 19134

living room (shelving floor to ceiling)
view from other side.
dining room
new kitchen
view from other side

back bedroom.
we're leaving the wardrobe in the back bedroom.  has lots of storage inside!
front room (noah's ark mural on 3 walls)

updated bath room with storage

laundry area
queit street with a field across - kept well by the neighbor. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

wordless wednesdays - 4/25/12

i want to eat her and her little chubby cheeks up!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

regular length necklaces -$20

these are the regular length necklaces.
there are 2 pictures of each-
to help give an idea of length and color.
they are sold for $20 each.
they are available unless marked SOLD.
when referring to them,
please use their # (R__) so we keep them straight.
e-mail rwandacrafts@gmail.com