Wednesday, December 7, 2011

school review #1- letters L,T,H,I,F,E

we recently took a few weeks off school. half b/c of craziness in schedule, half b/c of lack of motivation on my part and feeling "what difference did it make?!?".
well, owen came to me practically crying this week asking to do school again. completely unprompted!
where we had paused was a good time to review so i decided to start again with that, knowing he probably wouldn't remember much! he blew me away! he remembered all the letters & #'s we did and all the sight words. he remembered most of the verses as well. pictured here was part of our # review and he loved counting with fruit loops almost as much as he loved eating them afterwards!!!
we also did an assesment again. (the 1st assesment can be found here)
upper case letters he got 22/26 right - missing Y(U), D(B), G(H) & V(Y)
lower case letters he got 19/26 right - missing q(a), d(b), g(a) j(i), z(y), c(g) & v(z)
*i'm not sure if he was nervous or what, b/c he missed many that he got right the first time!
he recognized #'s 7,3,2,4,1,5,8,6 - missing 9(6) & 10(7), but when i asked "where's ___?" he was able to point them all out correctly!
he recognized rectangle, star, triangle, oval, heart and missed circle (oval), square (no guess) & diamond (no guess). funny that he remembers the odd ones, but not the simple ones.
he still counts to 13 without skipping #'s
correctly identifies red, yellow, blue, green, orange, black, white, pink & brown. he points to blue when asked to find purple.
he holds a pencil between his thumb and pointer, resting it on his ring finger.

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