Monday, December 26, 2011

trying to hold back some tears as i pack up christmas stuff.
not that i feel you need stuff to have christmas,
but that each of my "things" has sentimental value!
oh, and then there's the whole
christmas FAR AWAY from family/friends next year thing, too.

here's what i came up with...
a strand of lights,
the kids stockings
& a box of chosen ornaments:

there are ornaments that i received each year growing up,
a couple from my teaching years,
mexican ornaments,
ones we were given as wedding gifts,
and then the collection we've started for each of the kiddos:

oh the memories!
here you see the classic red bows made it into the box
& there are a few little toys the kids were given this year
that i will turn into ornaments as well:

*come back next year to see our first RWANDAN CHRISTMAS!!!*

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