Monday, December 12, 2011

thrift store WIN!

the following 3 photos are of some clothes i got.
1. a skirt
2. a shawl for soph
3. a shirt

i got a bunch of stuff, not paying more than $4 for any of it!!
khaki skirt, osh kosh denim dress, childrens place khakis, shirt and sweater set, baby gap warm ups, etc. etc.
i have been borrowing a coat from my sister.
it is a nice coat, but not the coat i would pick if i picked my own.
it is a knee length pea coat.
beautiful, but also dressy.

i am REALLY excited to play in the snow with the kids-
this, our last winter.
was wondering what i'd do...
can you picture me sledding down a big hill with that pea coat?!?
well, i found this down coat for 1/2 price.
$3.50. i call that a win!

this is the coat i found for sophia.
it was separated, yet i somehow found both pieces.
both were ticketed blue (the days 1/2 price color).
my mom explained how they were meant to go together,
so the man sold it to us for the price of one...
get this -$1.50! yup! win!!
(i was more than willing to pay that for each piece, as $3 is still a win!)

the most exciting win of all...
a cabbage patch doll!
it appears to be brand new,
except for the small mark on the cheek.
i have been wanting one of these for soph.
in fact, this week, i almost bought one!
on sale at the store & with a 25% off coupon,
i would have been spending about $25.

this one was $1.99

sUpEr WiN!!!

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