Wednesday, January 25, 2012

stained glass cookies

many people have asked us about our stained glass cookies,
so here are all the "secrets"!

first you get a hard candy and break it into little pieces.
we used jolly ranchers this year, and did not separate the colors.

you pick out your favorite [large] cookie cutters
and a couple small ones for the stained glass area.
get your rolling pins ready!

you make a basic rolled sugar cookie dough,
(i'd imagine you can even use store bought if you wanted)
and roll it out.
you cut a large cookie, and then in that a smaller one.
ie: we loved little hearts in our ginger bread men.

you put a heap of the candies into the cut out spot

we learned our lesson the hard way-
bake the normal time & temp!

the boys came out a little messier then the ones i did alone,
but they had a BLAST helping make them!

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