Wednesday, December 7, 2011

special treats!

sit back, b/c you might get blown away at how EASY this special treat is!
and, you probably have all the ingredients needed!!!
in a quart size ziploc bag,
combine 1/2 c milk
2 T sugar
and either 1/2 t vanilla or 1T cocoa
(depending on flavor desired)

zip it up and mix together

in a gallon ziploc bag,
dump 2 trays ice
and 6T salt

put quart bag(s) into gallon bag, then...

sHaKe iT....ShAkE iT...sHaKe iT like a polaroid picture!!!

o shaking it:

you should have seen his face when it slipped out of the towel...
wish i captured that!!

aiden shaking it (looking a little hulk like):

shake it for 7-10 min and viola:

you've got a perfect serving of homemade ice cream:

we made both batches at once.
the boys LOVED it!!!

you could also add toppings at this point
or even a different flavor syrup from beginning!

my tip: quickly rinse bag before attempting to get ice cream out or it could get super salty from ice/salt mix.

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