Tuesday, December 20, 2011

our 2011 holiday baking

though i admit baking with little ones is quite a challenge for me
(i want everything perfect...things usually are far from it),
we worked on some cookies today for our cookie exchange coming up.

the boys were sooo excited & proud of their stained glass cookies:

then we couldn't stop...

fudge &
ice cream cakes,
oh my!!!

the boys loved helping, but especially "cleaning up"!
at one point i asked o to wait in the other room while i did some dishes before starting a new something and he asked,
"why do you have to clean them when we already licked them clean?!?"

this might be my favorite shot of the whole day, but it was before we started so i still had high hopes of what baking with them would look like!

tomorrow, i think we'll make some more!!!
now, who's gonna help me eat all these?!?

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