Friday, December 23, 2011

a little gift within a HUGE gift

i want to say the amount of "coffee dates" equals the amount of stars in the sky!

somedays it's over chaotic playdates,
somedays it's in a quiet barnes
& somedays it's even over a phone convo while the kids are quiet.

whether grabbing a coffee, shopping, praying,
attempting to organize life, letting the kiddos play, etc.
god really has given me a gift in this friend -
at a time i REALLY NEEDED a friend!!!

this post isn't going to be filled with stories or reminiscing about the past,
but it is a short note to
let it be known how thankful i am!!

these little coffee mug ornaments
are a [thoughtful] gift from her.
at first i hung them in my kitchen and thought,
"i'm not sure this is their forever home"...
but as i type this i chuckle
as nowhere will be a forever home now!

these are great ANYTIME of year,
and will def remind me of many fond memories.
also, they're small enough to fit in an action packer,
so i'm sure i'll have them hanging in my little house in africa, too!

*fun fact: i ONLY drink coffee b/c of said friend!!*

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