Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a thoughtful gift

as a person getting ready to move to another country
and as a mom who is trying to prepare her children for the changes
and aide in not forgetting their own cultural roots,
i've given a lot of thought to genesis 16:8.

"where have you come from and where are you going?"

i've made a decision in my own mind to compile a book of memories, souvenirs, and photographs...maybe even short letters from loved ones.
without many of our dear ones knowing it,
we've been collecting pictures from facebook to add to this book.
i'm slightly overwhelmed by the idea of it,
but am also determined to have a GREAT book to bring with us!

anyways, tonight we received a perfect little book as a belated birthday gift for little aiden.
i could not have written it more perfect myself!
it is called "good night philadelphia"
and is by adam gamble and cooper kelly.
here are some snapshots of what's inside:

boat house row

art museum

philadelphia zoo

reading terminal/cheesesteaks/pretzels

liberty bell

mr penn statue

the love statue

there are also other shots not pictured here!
these are some of the things we will also include in our scrapbook!

thank you for the perfect and thoughtful gift friends!!!!!

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