Monday, November 7, 2011

remembering & celebrating aiden

about this time of day, 3 years ago, i was sitting in a hospital bed listening to the doc change her mind every few min whether she thought we should go ahead and deliver baby aiden [5 wks early] or try to wait. for now, i remember MANY of the details of his birth, but i'm not sure i always will, so i thought i'd write some down.
lets rewind a bit: earlier in the week, i had started getting very itchy ALL OVER. i tried to pass it off as dried skin with winter approaching, but even regularly lotion-ing didn't help. i remember talking to my mom on the phone one evening (i'm sure she was "checking in"), and when i hung up i looked at my arm to find i had itched it to the point of bleeding. i remember thinking maybe it was something more than just dry skin.
the next day i was doing some target shopping and ran into my neighbor. we sat for a snack in the snack shop, and talked. this was not rare -well, the target part was, but we often talked. she urged me to just put a phone call in with my doctors office.
i came home and did the normal thing: googled my symptoms! isn't that what everyone does?!? well, google knocked some fear into me with words like still birth and death, so i put a phone call in. they scheduled me for the next morning.
off i went on my hike to abington to see the doc. of course i got my least fav in the whole practice, but beggars can't be choosers! she mostly brushed off my thoughts. i pushed the issue and asked her to test me even just to ease my fears. she did VERY RELUCTANTLY! that was a wed.
i called the office fri for results and waited most of the day for her to call back. i remember when she did. there was a sense of urgency in her voice when she stated, "you need to come in to triage, please!" this pregnancy was different. i had already been to the er for a few visits. i pretty much didn't want to go, but i did. at least she informed me a different doc was on call! my mom and i made the hike (i was in jersey that day) from mo*town up to abington during rush hour -what fun times! it seemed to take forever!!!
upon arrival, they started to explain to me, or, at least told me some info on this "confusing case" for them. apparently my liver function levels are supposed to be 21 the highest (normal being about 14)....when last checked, mine were in the 600's. remember that was 2 days prior to the current day. to say they were baffled would be an understatement! they re-checked and the #'s climbed and were now in the 900's.
they couldn't believe i was alive and functioning, let alone with being itchy as my biggest complaint. the doctor said she had never heard of the #'s being like this and was concerned. if left unnoticed, eventually my organs would have shut down one by one leaving me in ac coma or worse.
one minute, she wanted to deliver -not chance my life. the next minute she weighed the health of the baby and what it would look like to birth him 5 wks early.
she was torn!
clearly, in the end we decided to go ahead and "deliver" aiden that night.miraculously, he was born a whooping 6lbs 5 oz.
the only "problem" he had was being slightly jaundiced (as seen by the bilirubin lights above)
he spent a mere 7 days in NICU, then was able to return home with us!!
shortly after delivering, my liver function levels also returned to normal.

here he is about 1 week old:

today, aiden is a SUPER HAPPY little man!
and by little, i mean GIANT!!!
he just kicked his brother out of 4t clothing, because he needed them himself.
this past summer aiden really blossomed in personality. he became chatty and we are enjoying watching his imagination come to life!!! he LOVES to love and is always giving big wet slobbery kisses, but we take 'em just the same! he likes to read, and collects stickers. he is just plain curious about everything. if he finds a paper, he is convinced it's "his paper for his work"!
today we celebrated with lunch out (he picked chinese chicken),
and cupcakes for dessert.
he loved dancing around all day and receiving well wishes from family and friends.
we <3 aiden!!!

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