Tuesday, October 18, 2011

update from POST

so i must confess i'm slightly disappointed in the turnout of POST.
we might have seen 20 people the first day,
and only about 5 the second.

it's hard for us [marlins] to carve out a chunk of time like that,
and i had to keep soph with all day too
(which is also hard to keep her content and not have much "room" to put her down or let her "cry it out" for a second)
but i'm trying to not take this on as a failure.

i will keep spreading the word about the beads of hope and the baskets,
trusting that god will raise awareness & concern for rwanda!!!
speaking of which -christmas is coming...
wouldn't you like to browse through?!?
contact me about colors or specifics!!!
here is the jewelry table:

i don't have a close up of the bead packets.
these are sets of beads that match so you can design your own jewelry.
($10 ea or 2/$15)
here are the earrings
(larger ones $15 smaller ones/beads $10)
& the bracelets ($15):

here are the regular necklaces ($20):

here are the long & solid color necklaces ($25):

*all jewelry comes with a little gift bag*
here is the basket table
(they vary in price from $20-$40)

to order/inquire, please contact me at rwandacrafts@gmail.com

i will try to post with very specific basket pictures!

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