Wednesday, October 5, 2011

out of the mouths of babes 10/5/11

"can i have a fropical punch?" (tropical punch) -owen

arguing for 20 min, "do i have to eat these beans?". finally got him to try a bite..."um! I LOVE THESE BEANS!" -owen in a typical dinner convo

"aiden, do you have a boo boo?"
"no! is all gone!"
"what happened?/how did you get that boo boo?"
"i was bad! i cwimed [climbed] and i cwied [cried]'s better now 'cause i took it off!"
-convo between anyone and aiden about his big black eye he got from climbing wall shelves and pulling the top heaviest ones down on himself

"aiden, what happens if you climb?" "i could die!" (guess i said that the day before when talking about his choices)

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