Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the makings of a REAL superhero

many of you who know owen already know this character trait about him, but he is SUPER sensitive about life and love. he cares sooo much about other people & things. don't get me wrong, he cares sooo much about himself and his things too, but we're focusing on the former rather than the latter.
the other week we were driving (in the pouring rain), and i noticed an elderly man laying on the sidewalk. i saw his cane in the distance & blood dripping from his head. it wasn't long before i realized he had slipped & fallen. i quickly pulled over -thank god there was a parking spot b/c with all 3 kiddos in the car i wouldn't have been able to leave them alone.
i jumped into action! gave a quick speech to the kids "stay put...blah blah!", grabbed our first aid kit [which i'm often glad i have in the car] & a blanket, and off i ran to the man. we were able to call 911, apply an ice pack to his head which we elevated with the blanket and sit and talk with him/keep him laying down while we waited for help.
afterwards, i returned to the car and we all sat and prayed for mr. johnson. little did i know god was shaping a true super hero out of it!
owen, has asked about mr. johnson several times -i wish i had answers for him! without fail, every time we drive now, he alerts me when someone has stopped walking and he thinks they need our help!
i've chosen batman as the photo op here b/c he was a character i could think of who doesn't have supernatural powers. he chose to make a difference in the world and started fighting darkness. i want this for my children! no! i don't want them literally to dress up in tights and do scary flight stunts fighting evil. i do want them to know the difference between good and bad, righteousness and evil. i especially pray for little owen as his heart is nurtured. i pray that this sensitivity wouldn't be hardened OR abused by others, but that god would grow it and use it to make him a man after HIS heart!

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