Friday, September 23, 2011

owen's pre school assessment

we made it through our first week of school!!!
hooray & dance of celebration!
before we started, i sat down with o to assess what he already knows.
it's a way to see if he's gaining knowledge when we work,
and to see what/how i need to change things up to help him best!

he got 19/26 capital letters correct!
missing Y(U), U(Q), D(B), H(Q), Z(U), V(Z), N(M)
-the ones in parentheses being what he said & some of those he sings
that's an impressive amount to me!!!

here is his name (this is the first time he wrote a 'w' this way opposed to the way i taught him -told me he "needed to do it right"!):

his lower case letters are not as familiar to him,
but he still identified 14/26!

the hardest part of identifying these letters & the #'s below, was that they were out of order! he so much wanted to keep going in the order he "knew" them.
this really made him think though, and now we know which he really knows and which he has memorized in order!

here he is cutting:

he recognized 6 out of 10 #'s

here were his tracing lines:

he was able to identify circle, rectangle, star, heart.
missing triangle (rectangle), oval (circle) and diamond.

he counted to 13 without missing any #'s.

here is his matching:

he differentiates between print and pictures in books,

he recognized red, yellow, blue, green, orange, white & pink.
missing black (brown), purple (blue) & brown (gray).

he also is able to complete a simple ABABAB pattern.

as far as pencil grip, thumb on one side and all fingers on other -switching back and forth still between left and right.

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