Friday, September 2, 2011

just when i thought....

that's probably the problem here...
i'm thinking!

just when i thought kinyarwanda
couldn't get any more difficult...
we learned time!
i literally was brought to tears this day.

to the left (in black) is the wording for time
the small index card to the right are the numbers:

maybe you can't see very well in the above picture...
here is a close up:

notice, that 2 o'clock is taken from the number 8...
3 o'clock is taken from the number 9...
4 o'clock from the number 10, etc.

does that make sense to anyone else?
it's all sorts of mixed up!

the funniest part of the whole lesson was when our tutor said
(before the lesson started),
"don't worry, it's just like swahili!"

-well if only i spoke swahili!!!!!!!!!
well, other than time, things are moving along!
here you see our flash cards
-i've been making them as we learn new vocab.
i just finished practicing actually!
the pile to the left are the words i know
& the pile to the right are the words i did not know.

i thought i was doing pretty good,
but then quickly realized it must have been a good run.
by the end,
the pile to the right (unknown) was higher!

i'm trying to be positive!
afterall, i actually get to learn
some before we leave
(most people have to wait),
& there is
actually a pile of words i know

well, there's another lesson in the am, so i better rest up!

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