Tuesday, September 20, 2011

hail the WHAT?

so i have to admit, i'm more than slightly disappointed with the zoo on this one! we LOVE the zoo! we have been members for a couple of years now. this week we went and experienced the "x*tink*shun parade". really cute idea, EXCEPT FOR THE WHOLE HAIL THE CREATURES BIT....

i'm all for bringing awareness of extinction issues! i'm all for a parade!! i'm just NOT all for hailing anything other than my god!!!

i confess, i tried to get o to shout,
"hail JESUS -the maker of the creatures!"
in the excitement of it all, he forgot. he was right there at the front of the parade shouting with the keeper. aiden stomped along behind with the giant hippo & giraffe. what was i going to do, rip the signs and maracas out of their little hands and make them walk away?!?
i'm not a psycho! let me clarify -i don't think everyone should/would shout "hail jesus!" as i tried to get o to do, though that is what i live for and know WILL HAPPEN someday! i just don't think they should shout "hail" anything!!! it'd be just as easy to throw another word or two in to keep the song cute, yet respectively appropriate! ie: "SAVE the creatures!"

if you haven't been to the zoo lately, here is a sight that has a small clip of the song so you can understand what i'm trying to say.

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