Friday, September 23, 2011

gearing up for the harvest season

this year, we actually made it to johnsons farm in time to do both apple and pumpkin picking!!!!!

aiden was the first to find a pumpkin he liked,
and owen jumped right in to 'help' him pick it...

here you see the 2 of them pulling with all their might:

aiden was very proud of his prize!

next, the boys found one "just the right size for sophia!"
(i think she liked it)

owens' pumpkin was also hard to pick & he ended up on his rump on the ground (for the 2nd time) when it finally broke free from the vine!

he too was proud of his pickin's:

unfortunately, our proud boys grew tired fast of muscling to hold their prizes!
i found it quite funny that daddy ended up carrying all 3:

isn't it weird how HUGE they looked against the boys,
but now against joe they look pretty small?!?
we decided to wait to cut them open so they'd last the season long.

for now, here are our beautiful pumpkins:

i don't ever remember going apple picking,
and am surprised to say that this was the highlight for the boys!!
they actually complained they were getting pumpkins,
until they figured out we were getting those & apples!

o decided to pick from the lower branches,
where he had to do this crab-like crawl to get to them:

aiden wasted no time stretching out to the highest possible apple he could get his fingers on:

it seemed so fast!
i wish we could have sat there for an hour and basked in the juices of our pickings!
then again, i also wish we paid a fee per bag of apples (instead of per lb) b/c it was hard to limit them they were having so much fun!

our DELICIOUS apples:

i discovered a new favorite apple and we've probably eaten some everyday!
on the list of things to do [when i get time -haha]:
ReCiPe ExPeRiMeNtS!
jewish apple cake, applesauce, apple pie...
maybe even apple butter!

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