Friday, September 23, 2011

she's so sTiNkiNg CuTe i can
hardly stand it!!!

mini rolling pins

we were on a hunt for these guys for a long time, as the boys wanted them for playdough time...
we found them this week @ old navy of all places! they are only a buck!
before we use them in playdough, the boys helped make pizzas one night and we all had loads of fun!!!

owen's pre school assessment

we made it through our first week of school!!!
hooray & dance of celebration!
before we started, i sat down with o to assess what he already knows.
it's a way to see if he's gaining knowledge when we work,
and to see what/how i need to change things up to help him best!

he got 19/26 capital letters correct!
missing Y(U), U(Q), D(B), H(Q), Z(U), V(Z), N(M)
-the ones in parentheses being what he said & some of those he sings
that's an impressive amount to me!!!

here is his name (this is the first time he wrote a 'w' this way opposed to the way i taught him -told me he "needed to do it right"!):

his lower case letters are not as familiar to him,
but he still identified 14/26!

the hardest part of identifying these letters & the #'s below, was that they were out of order! he so much wanted to keep going in the order he "knew" them.
this really made him think though, and now we know which he really knows and which he has memorized in order!

here he is cutting:

he recognized 6 out of 10 #'s

here were his tracing lines:

he was able to identify circle, rectangle, star, heart.
missing triangle (rectangle), oval (circle) and diamond.

he counted to 13 without missing any #'s.

here is his matching:

he differentiates between print and pictures in books,

he recognized red, yellow, blue, green, orange, white & pink.
missing black (brown), purple (blue) & brown (gray).

he also is able to complete a simple ABABAB pattern.

as far as pencil grip, thumb on one side and all fingers on other -switching back and forth still between left and right.

gearing up for the harvest season

this year, we actually made it to johnsons farm in time to do both apple and pumpkin picking!!!!!

aiden was the first to find a pumpkin he liked,
and owen jumped right in to 'help' him pick it...

here you see the 2 of them pulling with all their might:

aiden was very proud of his prize!

next, the boys found one "just the right size for sophia!"
(i think she liked it)

owens' pumpkin was also hard to pick & he ended up on his rump on the ground (for the 2nd time) when it finally broke free from the vine!

he too was proud of his pickin's:

unfortunately, our proud boys grew tired fast of muscling to hold their prizes!
i found it quite funny that daddy ended up carrying all 3:

isn't it weird how HUGE they looked against the boys,
but now against joe they look pretty small?!?
we decided to wait to cut them open so they'd last the season long.

for now, here are our beautiful pumpkins:

i don't ever remember going apple picking,
and am surprised to say that this was the highlight for the boys!!
they actually complained they were getting pumpkins,
until they figured out we were getting those & apples!

o decided to pick from the lower branches,
where he had to do this crab-like crawl to get to them:

aiden wasted no time stretching out to the highest possible apple he could get his fingers on:

it seemed so fast!
i wish we could have sat there for an hour and basked in the juices of our pickings!
then again, i also wish we paid a fee per bag of apples (instead of per lb) b/c it was hard to limit them they were having so much fun!

our DELICIOUS apples:

i discovered a new favorite apple and we've probably eaten some everyday!
on the list of things to do [when i get time -haha]:
ReCiPe ExPeRiMeNtS!
jewish apple cake, applesauce, apple pie...
maybe even apple butter!

little van gogh 9/23/11

this is owens version of daniel in the lions den. the squiggly lines in the center are the lions and the arch in the middle of the whole picture is the den. the top left huge circle (that looks like a giant sun) is jesus or an angel & daniel stands very tall at the bottom center. i LOVE that he's getting into art [finally]!!!

making pizzas

Thursday, September 22, 2011

thankful thursdays 9/22/11

we had an AMAZING vacation in the new jersey shore area! i'm thankful for the time we got to spend with family (no distractions -sry facebook, e-mail and blog) and the chance to deepen good friendships! it was a much needed time and i think we'd all stay in vaca time permanently if we could! everyday since our return (almost 2 wks now), the boys have asked to go to the beach!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

dry erase activity center

this handy dandy tool is an amazon purchase. you can find it here! we saw it and knew we had to get it!!! it comes with cardboard pages that have practice lines, letters and even games, but you can also insert any page you'd like. it gives o a chance to practice drawing lines and writing his letters, yet saves on copies needed! (i don't know if i ever shared it, but not having copies was our downfall last time we did school) we even can erase and make him practice over and over again if we so choose! i saw it on another blog and knew we would get much use out of it. this version is a completely affordable one too! happy dry erasing!!

wordless wednesdays - 9/21/11

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

hail the WHAT?

so i have to admit, i'm more than slightly disappointed with the zoo on this one! we LOVE the zoo! we have been members for a couple of years now. this week we went and experienced the "x*tink*shun parade". really cute idea, EXCEPT FOR THE WHOLE HAIL THE CREATURES BIT....

i'm all for bringing awareness of extinction issues! i'm all for a parade!! i'm just NOT all for hailing anything other than my god!!!

i confess, i tried to get o to shout,
"hail JESUS -the maker of the creatures!"
in the excitement of it all, he forgot. he was right there at the front of the parade shouting with the keeper. aiden stomped along behind with the giant hippo & giraffe. what was i going to do, rip the signs and maracas out of their little hands and make them walk away?!?
i'm not a psycho! let me clarify -i don't think everyone should/would shout "hail jesus!" as i tried to get o to do, though that is what i live for and know WILL HAPPEN someday! i just don't think they should shout "hail" anything!!! it'd be just as easy to throw another word or two in to keep the song cute, yet respectively appropriate! ie: "SAVE the creatures!"

if you haven't been to the zoo lately, here is a sight that has a small clip of the song so you can understand what i'm trying to say.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

wordless wednesdays - 9/7/11

this is what your donut ends up looking like
when your 2 and there's an assortment to choose from!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

just when i thought....

that's probably the problem here...
i'm thinking!

just when i thought kinyarwanda
couldn't get any more difficult...
we learned time!
i literally was brought to tears this day.

to the left (in black) is the wording for time
the small index card to the right are the numbers:

maybe you can't see very well in the above picture...
here is a close up:

notice, that 2 o'clock is taken from the number 8...
3 o'clock is taken from the number 9...
4 o'clock from the number 10, etc.

does that make sense to anyone else?
it's all sorts of mixed up!

the funniest part of the whole lesson was when our tutor said
(before the lesson started),
"don't worry, it's just like swahili!"

-well if only i spoke swahili!!!!!!!!!
well, other than time, things are moving along!
here you see our flash cards
-i've been making them as we learn new vocab.
i just finished practicing actually!
the pile to the left are the words i know
& the pile to the right are the words i did not know.

i thought i was doing pretty good,
but then quickly realized it must have been a good run.
by the end,
the pile to the right (unknown) was higher!

i'm trying to be positive!
afterall, i actually get to learn
some before we leave
(most people have to wait),
& there is
actually a pile of words i know

well, there's another lesson in the am, so i better rest up!

our little mummers

out of the mouths of babes 9/2

upon realizing joe was not home, owen asked,
"where's daddy?"

i told him that daddy was at prayer.
"oh, you mean at work?"

no, he goes to prayer on friday mornings, remember?
"oh, good! than it's a mommy only day and i get to steal all the kisses!"

Thursday, September 1, 2011

thankful thursdays 9/1/11

i am thankful for family and quality time with them! the fact that we were in ocean city, nj was a bonus!