Wednesday, August 3, 2011

well visits

now our pediatrician does everything electronically,
which is GREAT for us as we will be needing this info when we move to rwanda!
it also means i can have fun blog posts
(and easily remember these stages).
[insert smiley face]

we LOVE our doc!
she is super sweet and attentive.
she knows the kids well (their history),
and this was only our first well visit with her!!!
she is great at communicating with us via e-mail,
and has even eased our minds about several issues via descriptions & photos.
she ROCKS!!!

this week we had ALL our well visits.
everyone is growing exceptionally!!

for some reason, sophs' charts aren't working...
i'll work on getting back to that one.

she is a whopping 15 lbs 7 oz though!
at her 2 wk visit,
she was in the 30% for weight...
this time she moved up to 84%!
guess she's getting enough to eat!

she received 3 shots & 1 mouth vaccine.
of all 3 kids, she took these the hardest!
[insert frown face]
the only thing we really wanted to talk about was ear piercing.
they recommend waiting until after 6 mos
(though she said it was done in hospital @ birth where she comes from).
i guess we'll wait.
she returns in 2 mos.
here are aidens' charts:

he weighs in at 36 lbs. which is about 90%,
& he is about 39" tall which drops him to about 80%

seems like he is finally beginning to "level out" in length!
aiden is about 2 1/2 now.
we re-touched some issues we have had and decided to get his hearing tested again.
she was impressed with his talking (more his structuring of sentences).
he also has his procedure scheduled for the end of oct.
lastly, she gave us some tips for behavioral issues.
here are owens' charts:

he weighs in at 41 lbs. which is about 75%,
& is 41" tall which is about 75%.

by NO MEANS is he small,
but given his giant of a younger bro
(just about 2" shorter),
he always appears it!

o got his 4 yr old vaccinations.
this is the first time he REALLY responded to shots.
he is super glad he only needs about 2 to go to rwanda!!
he is all caught up until 11!
(i don't remember getting that big of a gap when we were kids)
we showed off his first loose tooth,
he got his eyes and ears tested
(passed perfectly),
and even held great conversation with dr!

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