Tuesday, August 23, 2011

vanilla punch

Vanilla Punch

2 1/2 T almond extract
2 1/2 T vanilla extract
5 C sugar
2 C water

combine all in saucepan stirring frequently until sugar dissolves.

for punch:
1 C syrup : 2 L sparkling beverage
(one recipe yields 4 batches)

we made this for a bridal shower this week and it got RAVE reviews! i also have been thoroughly enjoying the "leftovers"!! (leftovers can be stored in fridge for several months) it tastes like a cream soda.
i used sprite for the shower, but don't have sprite in my house so i'm drinking it with sparkling strawberry water today. i also used sliced frozen strawberries as ice. delish! this can be varied many other ways too (ie: peaches or blueberries, lemon lime soda or ginger-ale, even a sorbet added)! super cheap & super easy!! to make it a bit healthier, i think i'll make it with splenda and diet soda next time ->that way i won't have guilt when i ONLY want to drink this! :)

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