Friday, August 19, 2011

school days -take 3

so, once again i find myself wanting to do school with the boys.
last year went really well,
until we stopped that is.

i'm taking a slightly different approach this time.
i have goals, and i have plans!
i have pretty low expectations!
i just want them to have fun!

with all that being said, i've been introduced to a blog that is basically what i was doing last year,
only it's COMPLETELY MAPPED OUT for me!!!
a woman who lives here in philadelphia
took the same abc bible verse book we based school on last year,
and made a curriculum for it.
you know me and being ocd,
so this totally helps me to be organized!!

we're using the same notebook to store:

we will sing songs with prop sticks,

memorize our verse,

collect cards that start with our letter for the week,
do crafts,

learn a sight word (an easy to recognize word that helps teach them to read),

work on our letter writing skills, etc.
each week we have a color
& number as well
(for example,
the week pictured is yellow and #1.
the sight word mentioned earlier is 'see')

this is geared towards owen,
but obviously aiden will have a blast too!
at the end of each week,
a certificate will be given.

i am SO in love with this stuff!!!
we plan to start in sept when we return from vacation.

i have little time to blog these days,
so i'm not expecting to blog about each letter
-though i'm sure none of us will be surprised if i still do!

also, the next few blogs will be "product reviews"
as we have been building up our toys to be more educational!

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