Saturday, July 9, 2011

"winning" one!!!

so, i've been told several times lately that one of my children is FINALLY starting to look like me!
since he was born, owen has been an exact replica of joe, a mini joe in fact! much of his personality is from me though. i still don't know what i think about him starting to look like me.

here are a few shots and then we'll let the jury decide....

kisses for him ->

smiles ->

silly faces ->

and sleepy faces* ->

*this one is inspired by joe. last week, owen didn't take a nap one day - just didn't fall asleep! not sure why. then he was very whiney the rest of the day (you know how it goes)! at one point joe said to him -and i quote,
"you got your moms genes in every way - from being SUPER SENSITIVE to everything when you don't sleep, to perfectly folding your towel over your carseat without anyone ever showing/telling you how!"

not too sure how to take that, but it does build defense for the "winning one" to my team!!!

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