Tuesday, July 12, 2011

sticker charts, who knew?!?

who would have ever thought that sticker charts would do a trick?
okay, i guess many people, hence their popularity!
but i mean for US?
we've recently started sticker charts.
the objective is to encourage good choices,
mainly from a, but o also gets to play along
(his stickers are just harder to earn)!

here you see each of the boys with their full charts.
5 stickers gets a prize:

*i promise, a is more excited than was captured on camera!

here the boys get to look through a prize bag.
they won't always get to pick from here,
but for getting them used to the idea we started with it!

they both picked a bug that was supposed to walk on the wall:

unfortunately, the $ store isn't always a win...
the bugs didn't work!
we let them pick again.
both boys picked a new toothbrush!

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