Wednesday, July 27, 2011

out of the mouths of babes 7/27

*upon hearing feet running in the kids room for several minutes after bed time, i went upstairs to investigate. usually it's a...this time was o. i asked him why he got out of bed and he could only reply "i dunno!". i explained that if he didn't have a reason, i'd have to discipline him and he immediately burst into tears and said, "ok, okay! i have a reason!" i reply, "why were you out of bed?" and he said "b/c i didn't obey!". he did give a reason.....

*i overheard o say to lucy, "stop following me lucy, i can't ALWAYS play with you, i've got jobs to do!" apparently his "jobs" involve following me, as he then cuddled right into a space next to me consisting of about 2 inches! ->i can't imagine where he learned to ask for space this way....

*aidens latest & greatest...."ugh, i fell down!" as he slams himself into the floor

*"what's this?" has finally opened its own can [of worms] on our household with aiden asking about everything -even what he already knows! he's making tremendous strides in speech!!

*lastly, amazing amounts of coos abrupting from our little miss!

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