Tuesday, July 5, 2011

fathers day 2011

this year, for fathers day, we were pleased to have our newest addition!!!

in his honor, she wore an outfit that says "daddy's favorite!"

the boys were SUPER EXCITED to wear their "daddy's best buddy" shirts
(that we bartered for last summer @ the shore).

joe was away in georgia for school the week before,
so fathers day was our FIRST DAY as a complete family of 5
(on our own)!
it started with our tradition of giving daddy a shirt,
then mommy even cooked a special breakfast
(cinn raisen french toast),
we went to church (joe preached),
took naps (one of joes favorite things),
we went to dinner at famous dave's (daddy's choice)
where you can see we got to "rock climb"...

the boys even went fishing after dinner
and o caught his first fish!!
it was a catfish (just like his mommy's first catch),
and had to be atleast 8" long!
if you thought o liked fishing before.....

we LOVE daddy, and we LOVED celebrating him this year!!!!!

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