Friday, July 8, 2011

beads of hope

there is a group of women in rwanda we call 'beads of hope' that is learning even as you read this! it is a group of women who have walked paths many of us never have to face. hardships of war, poverty, former prostitution & even health issues to name a few.

they're learning a trait (bead making) and learning about a god who loves them UNCONDITIONALLY! they make necklaces & bracelets out of recycled paper that are stunning if i say so myself!

it is a group i hope to be involved with at some capacity someday! i currently have a box of jewlery to sell [for them] if you are interested! prices range from $15- $25 and all proceeds go to these women and their families...

think birthdays, celebrations, 'just because' gifts, holidays & even think of YOURSELF!!!

i only own one for now, but with this temptation, i may be owning a few more really soon!!!!!

*update, for more pix of the beads, please click here!!*

to order/inquire, please contact me at

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